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The St. Catharines Public Library is challenging book-lovers to spend time reading this January and February. The Winter Reading Challenge is designed for people of all ages to encourage life-long reading habits and to continue to develop a love of reading. Your goal is to complete 8 hours of reading – that works out to just 1 hour per week! For each hour you complete you’ll earn raffle tickets for prizes, plus completing the 8-hour goal earns you a free book to keep (while supplies last). The Winter Reading Challenge runs from Saturday, January 1, 2022 to Monday, February 28, 2022.

Click the tabs below to find answers to other Frequently Asked Questions about the Winter Reading Challenge.

How does the Winter Reading Challenge work?

  • Track how much time (in minutes) you spend reading through the READsquared platform - it can be a general estimate, and doesn’t have to be exact
  • Earn a virtual badge for every hour you log reading – the goal is 8 hours, but you can earn badges and points beyond that!
  • After reading (and logging) 8 hours, stop by your local Library branch to pick up a free book to keep (while supplies last!)
  • Points you earn reading can be put towards raffle prizes listed in READsquared

How do I sign up for the Challenge?

  • Register online at or download the READsquared app to register on your mobile device. If you're using the app, search for "St Catharines Public Library" without the period after "St"
  • To register one person, click "Myself Only"
  • To create a family/linked account (e.g. parent and child(ren)), click "Myself + Other Readers"
  • If you have previously participated in SCPL Summer Reading Clubs or other Challenges on READsquared, you will be able to continue to use your login information. Select "2022 Winter Reading Challenge" as the new program to enroll in from your READsquared dashboard screen
  • If you are not able to register online, please contact the library for assistance

Download the mobile app for your device below:

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Apple App Store
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Google Play Store

How do I add additional readers to an account already active on READsquared?

Linked accounts are handy for family members that are all participating in the Challenge. For example, a parent can add accounts for their child(ren) to log their minutes read as well.

If you’re using a web browser:

  • Login to the active account at
  • Select “Add Reader or Program” from the dropdown menu beneath Account
  • Select “Add Reader or Program” and select the new participant’s age and desired program registration (e.g. 2022 Winter Reading Challenge)

If you're using the READsquared app:

  • Click on the yellow arrow to expand the sidebar on the left side of the screen
  • From "My Account" select the "Add Reader or Program" option and follow the steps

How do I log the minutes I (or members of my family) have spent reading?

  • Login to your READsquared account
  • From the dashboard home, click "Log" and enter the estimated number of minutes spent reading in the popup box
  • If you have a family/linked account you can log for multiple people at once! Accounts that are highlighted green will automatically assigned to each participant

Why are we logging minutes read instead of the number of books?

This year, we have chosen to log the number of minutes read instead of number of books read as this Reading Challenge is open to participants of all ages. As you can imagine, it may be easier for children to reach a goal of reading a certain number of picture books over 8 weeks, when compared to a teen or adult that is reading a full-length novel. It’s our way to make this Challenge as fair as we can for participants of all ages and skill levels.

How do I get raffle tickets for prizes?

Raffle tickets are only available through READsquared. Prizes are listed at different points/ticket values – you may need to read for at least 1 hour to earn tickets into certain prizes. If you have multiple linked accounts, remember to change between the linked accounts on the left sidebar in order to access and spend points for all accounts that are logging reading for this Challenge.

From your web browser:

  • Login to your READsquared account
  • Click the "Raffle" tab from your dashboard homepage
  • Click "Get Tickets" and then select the prizes you wish to put tickets towards

From the READsquared app:

  • Click the raffle button ()
  • Scroll down to reach the "Get Tickets" button and select the prizes you wish to put tickets towards

What prizes are available?

There are 6 different prize packages being given away on READsquared. Prize package contents and description can be found below.

Raffle Prize Contents # of Prizes Available Points Needed to Enter

Family Movie Night package, includes:

1 DVD (Disney/Pixar's Luca), popcorn & candy

1 60

Puzzle Fun! package, includes:

1 1000-piece puzzle & lap blanket

2 60

Someday Books gift card ($20)

1 30

Thistle Bookshop & Cafe gift card ($20)

1 30

Beechwood Doughnuts gift card ($20)

2 30

Pie Guys Pizzeria gift card ($20)

2 30

Tim Hortons gift card ($20)

2 30

Hot Topic gift card ($20)

1 30

Fortnite V-bucks gift card (1000 V-bucks, approx. $10)

2 30

Kids Kit: Create Your Own Power Balls

1 15
Kids Kit: Create Your Own Wooden Magnets 1


Kids Kit: Rainbow Scratch n' Colour 1


Kids Kit: Create Your Own Bead Pets 1


Kids Kit: 3D Window Art Creations 1


Hot Cocoa package, includes:

Mug, hot chocolate packages & candy bar